The festival

The idea of a propelling center from which to circulate ideas and make new ones arise coincides with the vision of a propagation of virtuous mechanisms that can impress in our society a real and necessary change. The proposed events have therefore the purpose of being a sounding board for those realities and issues on which it is important to stop and think, to reach a new collective awareness and try to progress, learning and formulating shared and applicable solutions.

sensitive topics

Propagazioni Festival intends to explore current issues that affect everyone’s lives. Gender violence and the tools to recognize and deal with it; hatred on the net and the right use of social networks; inclusion; bullying in schools and environmental protection are just some of the sensitive topics that we intend to address.

events in Oristano and neighboring centers

Book presentations, lectures and workshops

With the intention of bringing out connections between apparently distant realities, Propagazioni Festival proposes a multidisciplinary and integrated program that links literature to other disciplines, attentive also to the use of new technologies and contemporary languages.



In this section you will find constantly evolving bibliographies related to the themes of the Festival

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Words to propagate

Read here the interviews with the guests of the Propagazioni Festival

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Space dedicated to insights on specific topics proposed by Propagazioni Festival and its users

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